T-Text: A CSS study


This is a simple demo of a layout idea I had. It's probably not practical for reading, but I think it's pretty. Inspired by my time working through the Mozilla Development Network's CSS resources recently.

A typical layout for text on screen would normally consider, among others:

  • A width about 60 characters per line
  • An obvious direction for the eye to travel (which this lacks)
  • A font size suited to the display size and distance from the eye. This suffers a bit here; I've had to manually add a font-size increase for smaller devices and haven't tested it rigorously.
  • Support for all likely viewing devices. I've only tested this on Firefox on Mac, Safari on an iOS phone, and (begrudgingly) Chrome on Mac. That's not really enough.
  • Scaling up the text for large displays (eg 4K monitors). This has been considered.
Also nice:
  • Support for browsers' Reader mode (eg in Firefox and Safari); this isn't satisfied by this layout, apparently because of the extra container <div>. Making sense of what Reader modes support is slightly maddening.

But dang it, I had fun making it.

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